Tasquatch - Project Management Web Application

May 2017

Role: Lead front-end developer

Tech: React

This is a project management tool that tracks tasks by project and client. It allows project managers to manage resources with hours assigned to each user.

Fedex Quiz

February 2017

Role: Front-end Developer

Tech: HTML5, Canvas, Javascript

This is a timed quiz for fedex that asked the user a set of questions tracking the users score as they progress. It also saves the users past performance to display on the dashboard page.

View on codepen.

Landmark Theatre Website

January 2017

Role: Front-end Developer

Tech: Wordpress, HTML, CSS, jQuery

Much Improved and responsive website for the Landmark Theatre. Features a tricky full screen slider with angles that are over the slides.

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Cadaret Grant

January 2017

Role: Full Stack Developer

Tech: Wordpress, Javascript

This was a pretty basic website with a fun javascript personnel page and some tricky responsive layouts. I wrote a plugin that allowed for page revisions to be made and reviewed before updating the original page.

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Preferred Mutual Website

January 2016

Role: Front-end Developer

Tech: HTML, CSS, Javascript

Built out static page templates to be used in a .net framework.

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Westcott Neighborhood Website

August 2015

Role: Full stack developer

Tech: Wordpress, PHP, HTML, CSS, JQuery

A full featured website with events and tours. Tons of information about the Westcott Neighborhood.

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Go Digital Website

June 2015

Role: Front-end Developer

Tech: HTML, CSS, jQuery

Worked on styling and javascript widgets.

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February 2014

Role: Front-end/back-end web developer

Tech: Rails, Javascript, Facebook API, Twitter API

Censcere offers a way to automate your donations to various charitable organizations by connecting to your Facebook and twitter accounts. You pick an amount to donate for each post, like and/or tweet and the app does the rest. This project was started by another company and it was my responsibility to improve and refactor their code while adding new features. The homepage features a javascript module that calculates your social impact by checking your Facebook or twitter activity.


January 2014

Role: Front-end/back-end web developer

Tech: Wordpress, Woocommerce

The AfterShokz website is an e-commerce website for bone-conducting headphones. It was built with the WooCommerce platform for WordPress. WooCommerce is a robust e-commerce solution that made building the website affordable for the client.

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November 2013

Role: Front-end/back-end web developer

Tech: Rails, Javascript

The Tackupp website is a virtual bulletin board for multiple places or orgainizations. A user will request a board and become that boards moderator. Other users that live in that apartment or go to that church will request an invite to that board. Once accepted they will be able to post messages that only other members of that board will see.


August 2013

Role: Front-end/back-end web developer

Tech: Wordpress

The IDEA site is for young entrepreneurs at Syracuse University to submit their venture to various competitions. It includes an events calendar and custom post types for ventures. With tools to help the organizers manage all the submissions.

Upstate Medical Mobile Web Application

June 2013

Role: Front-end

Tech: Javascript, Google Maps API

The Upstate Medical Web Application is a tool built for patients and visitors who want specific information about the numerous Upstate Medical Facilities. Once a user selects a facility they are delivered only content specific to that facility.

Syracuse Walking Tour

May 2013

Role: Front-end/back-end web developer

Tech: Rails, Javascript

Syracuse Walking Tour is a mobile first website that steps you through each stop on the tour with custom directions between each stop guiding you to the next one. It is integrated with the google maps api to guide the user if they get lost.

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1060 Restaurant

February 2013

Role: Front-end/back-end web developer

Tech: Wordpress, Advanced Custom Fields

A restaurant website built with wordpress and Advanced Custom Fields almost everything you see is editable via the wordpress admin.

Orange After Dark

January 2013

Role: Front-end/back-end web developer

Tech: Wordpress, Twitter API, Instagram API

Orange After Dark is an event website with integrated social networking. It was built off of WordPress and The Events Calendar plugin. I customized a bootstrap theme to display the events as designed. Each event is stored with a hashtag. The hashtag is used to pull relevant tweets and instagrams for each event using the twitter and instagram APIs.

GFI Outlet Animation

March 2011

Role: Designer/Animator

Tech: Illustrator, After Effects

This is a 2D animation that was used in a court case. It highlights the moving parts of the device. I was responsible for illustrating the patent drawings and animation.

Cable Connector Animation

January 2011

Role: 3D Animator

Tech: 3ds Max, After Effects

This is an animation that I produced for use in a court case. I was responsible for modeling, texturing, lighting, animation and motion graphics compositing.

Welch Allyn Demo Reel

August 2009

Role: 3D Animator

Tech: 3ds Max, Lightwave, After Effects

This reel highlights some of the 3D and Motion Graphics work I have done in the last few years with 2ndNature for WelchAllyn. Most of the models were provided from the client. I was responsible for texturing, lighting, animation and compositing.

Duracell Product Animation

January 2009

Role: 3D Animator

Tech: 3ds Max, After Effects

This is an animation that I produced for an iPad app. I was responsible for lighting and animation.